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Friday, January 29, 2010


Finished! 10  lovely little kindy sheets and library bag sets.  100% cotton. Really happy with them, they have a sweet hand-made quality, nicely suited to a kindy.
Each is unisex, made to appeal to boys or girls and yet in favourite colours for this age. 
The ends of the cord are frayed to give a cute look and are embellished with a handmade star or birdy for a bit of fun and to personalise:) Crimping scissors are used for a fun finish and to help limit fraying.

Lots of work, and yet very rewarding:) and its nice to be able to help out the local community kindy.  To give a little back. 

Monday, January 25, 2010

An Australia Day long weekend...

Isn't it wonderful having a long weekend, especially with a cheeky Monday in there...A chance to do some sewing, 10 sets of kindy sheet sets ...20 sheets in all, thats a  lot of seams - 80 to be precise and 40 elastic corners.  Finished the pressing, during which I was dreaming of an Elna press...Any-one use one, are the good?

Have 3 complete sets done with little bags.
Thats 7 to go...Lucky I have a great helper (wearing her fave TillyToms outfit - thanks Anna:)).  I was so impressed to see the foot pedal being used with the hands to wind on lots and lots of bobbins as 'it was easier'. Beautiful creative thinking, makes me smile.

Then its on to sewing up 12 wonderful skirts for an online store...Looking forward to working with some fabulous fabrics I have...especially some beautiful up-cycled's...such fun...

Then I am really looking forward to sewing some vibrant and fun little boys shorts, from some great fabrics,  for a stylish new gift store on the Gold Coast, take a peek at Poppy Is which "carries a delightful range of handmade jewellery and gifts, beautiful greeting cards and stylish clothing" - Lillipilli Lane's stylish and comfortable mamma's easy-wear skirts have already found a home at Poppy Is' lovely store.

Still on the
To Do' list is making up the toiles from new skirt and dress patterns I have worked with a pattern maker on...Sounds busy doesn't it...And its just January...Its all good and am grateful for the joy Lillipilli Lane is bringing for me the creator and for those who are finding  joy its its nature and style, thank you.

On this long weekend, I am also gaining a little balance through relaxing by the crepe myrtle which is particularly calming at present with its sprays of lavender flowers. Delightful.

Enjoy your Australia Day : )

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome to the New Year, 2010

Hello and a very Happy New Year to you all, may 2010 to be a great year : ) Hope you have enjoyed the festive season, whether it was sweating it out at the beach in Australia, or enjoying the snow in the northern hemisphere, we dream of white Christmas' here in Oz.

We have been busy over the break with beaching, lots of present opening, some R&R and continuing on the journey of house-painting. Its coming along great with lots of helping hands!

These are some of our new handmade beauties to be found at the lovely stores Handmade Heaven, Poppy Is and Holyhock Cottage. Thanks so much for the enquiries from the lovely enquiries from those interested in our wares, its great to hear from you.

Looking forward to a fun and fabulous year, hope it has started off great for you...