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Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Creative Space today...

I have been working on a toile for a new skirt, very excited ...
I made it out of calico first for the prototype, then was off down the hill to the pattern maker for some clarification...Looking forward to doing up the second run soon:)

What else has sprung forth from my 'Creative Space' recently?

This little package of the goodies (see below) went to Mel a few days back, for her lovely new online store - Mels Garden, best wishes Mel (see our stockists list).

I am loving these Easy-wear skirts for busy Mamma's.  

And these little shorts were finished very recently :) Love the Japanese fabric.

Enjoy your creative space and way, whatever that may be : )

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Kootoyoo's blog

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Junk Love, Wednesday

What a find.  This beautiful 1940's/50's circa (so I was told - don't hold me to it though : )) cupboard from our local Trading Post.  I love the vintage/retro look to it.
I walked in store and saw this little beauty being unloaded from the back of the truck, really.  It was just what I had been looking for, so I made the purchase.  *Love* the marble top which I will get polished and I will also give the paint a new coat.  It's now a useful little sideboard.

If you like upcycling, recycling, 2nd hand ...Pop over to Emmaroseart to join the 'Junk List' to share your 'Junk' story. We'd love to read about it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday morning

These chooks (hens) have the right idea, totally enjoying themselves  basking in the glorious sunlight : )
(What are they doing? -  laying down and spreading their wings out to let the warmness in to every little feather - I'd say totally relaxing!)

I *love* having hens as pets.  The little routine of heading downstairs in the morning, opening the hen house and seeing them race past - one heading for the straw nest to lay her eggs, the other racing staright up to the seed bowl to enjoy her breakfast.  Priorities...

Then they head off and cruise the garden scratching for insects, having dust baths, basking in the sun, chasing after moths (this really is very funny to watch - especially as they jump in the air to grab them)...

And we get beautiful golden eggs to boot....Go the humble hen.

Enjoy your Monday : )

Friday, February 19, 2010

What does today bring?

Working with some, beautiful in their simplicity,  vintage inspired very soft cotton fabrics.  They are a joy to work with.

I have put together these two simply-styled Easy-wear skirts and am really pleased with them.  From cut to finish is a couple of  hours for each : ) I enjoy the creative process of watching them take form from a piece of flat fabric to a finished life-filled skirt:)

These and a few of their friends are off to Mels Garden .... see the link to this online store under our Stockists : )

Enjoy your day, whatever it may bring....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Junk Love...

"Welcome to Junk Love Wednesday a little club started by Selina at Wild Things of Noosa where each week we post about our favourite second hand find or treasure" (ref: Em at emmaroseart).

This week, following on from my post last week about some lovely upcycled fabrics I was lucky enough to find, I would like to introduce you to this beautiful vintage dress that belonged to my Aunty.  I was so very lucky to have it handed down to me.  Oh and it is handmade too.

I have always been into Vintage and as a 'Bright Young Thing' I delighted in wearing it with my Doc Marten boots (love the 90's) and flowers in my hair, ready for a fun night out...I still love this dress.

2nd hand wares often have many stories attached to them, almost have a life of their own....imagine the stories they could tell if they could talk...

Pop over to emmaroseart to join 'Junk Love' and share you finds :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Variation on a Theme

Just finished this hip little range of 'Upcycles' *love* these.  They have built on the one I started as a 'proto-type' in our last post...Our Upcycles are meant to be an environmental choice as in 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle' and a bit of *Fun*.

Also, some pretty little 'Vintage inspired' girl's skirts to bring joy to the wearer.  They are an 'Easy-wear' pull on style; 'Easy-care' hardwearing 100% cotton - iron or don't iron - the crinkled 100% cotton look can look quite crisp and fun; and all 100% Handmade : ) 

These sweet little 'dancing skirts' are a real favourite with girls and the 'not too fussy' styles make them quite wearable and manageable for littlies.  The simplistic style is in keeping with our 'Kids clothes for Kids' philosophy - nothing too fancy, no scaled down grown-ups clothes :)  Simple old fashion style and quality with a modern edge.

These were a joy to make these and a Big Thanks to Mel at Mel's Garden for her order : )  Mel's lovely online store will open Feb 19th and we wish her a big congratulations and a great start to her trading.  Lillipilli Lane is delighted to join Mini Mermaid in store.

To visit Mel's Garden pop over to the link under stockists.

Love the little woven bird house, no residents yet...Summer here in the Sthn Hemisphere and enjoying some beautiful flowers, love those purple and lavender hues, great inspiration...

Friday, February 12, 2010

handmade upcycled Mamma's skirt

Here it is,
my upcycled beauty (see previous post for raw materials) I just *love* the way this one turned out...I have called it 'Dynamic'. I love working with fabrics that inspire me (which I only use) and they almost guide themselves along, letting me know what to do with them.

This little skirt has just gone to a Mamma (to be again) to accommodate her growing shape, to provide some comfort, to be fun and jazzy - some pregnancy clothes are so boring aren't they...

It also will hope to see her through the period after birth with its gentle drawstring waist fitting loosely able to adjust, as her body adjusts through all the phases of motherhood xx *Love* making these.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What's Cooking?

Our 'To Do' list for today,
We are working on some new upcycled skirts.  We love the philosophy and creativity of 'upcycling', it is one of our most favourite ways to make useful wares. So happy to find these beautiful little fabric remnants and this funky un-serviceable sheet (which has holes in places). 

From these little Treasures we will create some Easy-wear Skirts
Looking forward to getting started!  We use un-servicable materials for our upcycles - as we can't see the sustainability in cutting up wares that are in working order, even if they are a bit outdated ; )

One of these upcycled's will go to a  Mamma who is yearning for something comfortable to wear during her weeks of pregnancy - one that will grow with her through pregnancy and beyond.  Our Easy-wear skirts are totally made with Mamma's in mind. A comfy elastic waist that is easy to *pull-on* style, great for mamma's with littlies to manage, even with one hand!  Don't we often just have one hand free - the other holding a baby or multi-tasking, what a blessing the baby sling is! 

The other upcycled skirts will find a home a beautiful new home at a fabulous new online store, soon to open:) take a sneek preview, its gorgeous and has some really unique and creative wares Mels Garden 'Where all the products are handmade, organic, made local & sustainable'. We are very much looking forward to joining Mel's Garden.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Why is our label on the front?

Why do we break with convention and place our clothing label on the front of our clothing rather then hidden away inside?...The reason for this is simple, and in line with our design philosophy of 'Easy-wear clothes' and 'Kids clothes for kids'.

At a certain age (approx 2-4, some start as earlier) many children are very enthusiastic (many but not all!) to dress themselves. How many of us parents have heard "I can do it myself" during dressing time.

To help these aspiring littlies along the way we place our label, in big letters easy for them to see and in fun colours and always in the same place, as a marker for children to know which way to put the item on. Which way is the front and back, which side? How many of us have seen the wonderful little way they struggle and relentlessly persist to get clothing on and swivel it around to try and find the right way!

The little Lillipilli Lane label always goes to the front and to the bottom left, your left if you are wearing it :)

We aim to help you with this wonderful age/development milestone for your little ones.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Looking for bright and stylish boys wear?

These gorgeous little boys shorts are hot off the serger and on their way to Poppy Is  our lovely stockist at the Gold Coast.  The colours are fun, bright and stylish for those who are looking for something a little different to the usual primary colours, browns and blacks.

They are a short style with not-too-wide legs so they don't get caught on things as little boys are motoring around.  Very suitable for boys learning to walk as they won’t get in the way of their movements like baggier styles may.  This briefer style short is also good for hot summer days, being cooler than the baggy styles.  They are available in sizes 2,3 and 4 and are made to have room for a nappy under, or not.

They also feature the Lillipilli Lane Easy -wear elastic waist that is easy for toddlers to manage (pulling up/down) and its really handy to have a few of these shorts on hand during toliet training times. 

This style does not include pockets or embellishments as they are made to be age-appropriate for under three's and that means no choking objects.
Also available through our Lillipilli Lane online store :)