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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Junk Love, Wednesday 'Love Seat'

Hello fellow junk lover's
My little piece to share with you this week is a great little two-seater cane lounge I found in our local second hand trading store...

I am not sure if I will paint it yet - to change the colour, hmmm white and a new lavendar/mauve cushion cover...

What do you see?

If you like upcycling, recycling, 2nd hand 'junk' ...Pop over to Emmaroseart to join the 'Junk List' and share your 'Junk' story, every Wednesday

Happy days
Keryn xx

Friday, June 25, 2010

My creative space today...Betty Blue...

This week I have been playing with a little bit of Upcycling, I *love* it. 

Yes, I do *Love* working with a pre-loved item which has had a whole life as something else to re-fashion it, breathing new life into it so to speak!  Upcycling is such fun. Also known as re-purposing, I know many of you also enjoy working in this way...

This little beauty had her past life as a tablecloth, no longer serviceable she has re-began her life as a groovy little vintage inspired Mamma's skirt!  I have called this one "Betty Blue"

My up-cycled pieces are made in the 'spirit of fun', and are made to be worn in the 'spirit of fun'.  Another little bonus is the environmental one - these fun little pieces allow a more conscious consumer choice - to wear recycled wares, helping to reduce our 'carbon footprint' on the little part of the world where we live.  From little things big things grow.

Where is your creativity leading you today?  Would love to read about it...to join in 'My Creative Space', and view others Creativity, pop over to  Kootoyoo's blog on Thursdays.

best to you and your creative endeavours, thanks for reading
Keryn   xx

Friday, June 18, 2010

A little piece I made

Thanks gals' for commenting upon my last post, you are all so inspiring, its a joy and learning to follow your links and suggestions...such creativity and wisdom :)

Something to share. I made this little piece for a birthday gift...I *love* being inspired by someone to make a skirt for, I then go looking for the colours/fabric that speak to me for this person, they come to me... The fact that the receiver is happy with them, and the colours/style/fit hits the spot is a really wonderful bonus...

being guided...listening...taking the time...caring....giving joy...sharing joy...and exchange...thanks

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My creative space today...thinking about creating...waffling...

Hello all happy readers
today my creative space is about Moving Forward... and setting myself up to start some new creativity flows...

For such a long time now I have had an inner yearning to paint, with bright and colourful  paints - onto canvas.  I am also yearning to sculpt and do weaving with plant elements.  Goodness me where to start???

After joining the sisterhood of mother's and talking with many mums I have noticed the desire/need to create and attraction to colour often shows itself after having a baby.  Prior to baby it was lots of black, and white (in fact B&W photography was one of my all time loves) however post baby - the world of colour has flowered. 

Through reading many, many handmade (and WAHMs) blogs I have observed the inspirations that many, many women attest to started or was 'kick-started'...after the birth process, or through being inspired by their children...Whilst our inspiration wells up from many places,  it appears our inspiration may be strongly influenced by/after the birth process....I would *love* to read your thoughts and personal experience of this....I always enjoy a bit of philosophising ...

So, back to my first issue....Today, I would love to ask you - all you wonderful artists of blogs I have so much enjoyed reading/looking through over the last year -

"What is your 'Top Tip's' for someone like me, on the threshold of 'creative expression' who has never picked up a paint brush (other then the house-painitng variety!) to put to canvas before, how do I -well- actually get started? 

What do I want to paint? Abstract I guess, what comes from within and where I am led...(and what do I do with all those used canvases???)

Where is your creativity leading you today?  Would love to read about it...to join in 'My Creative Space', and view others Creativity, pop over to  Kootoyoo's blog on Thursdays.

best to you all in your creative endeavours today, thanks for reading
Keryn   xx

BTW - the photo is one I recently took of a friend and his 'oh so pretty' red ducati...my love of motorbikes, now thats another story ; )

Monday, June 7, 2010

A spot of painting whilst the sun shines

Here are our finished front stairs!  Finally, top coat of paint (Porters organic paint - http://www.porterspaints.com.au/  - colour malt) on the front stairs over the weekend, hubby started and I finished this morning!  Has been on the to do list for quite some time,  with lots of rain they have been in the undercoat  for some time.  Still quite a bit to do on the porch to cover the white undercoat with another gorgeous Porter's paint  - 'Milk'...Motivation has been waning a bit after doing so much : ) Here's a quick look at the old stairs - these are the back stairs which are still to do, as is the back deck....A Qld'er is a big job to paint.  But so worthwhile. Wish me luck...

Happy days to you,